AfroLatino Forum Conference

In and Out of Focus: Media and AfroLatin@ Representation 10.24.14


Podcast/ Radio Interviews:

Ray’s Podcast: AfroLatinas Speak Out 07.08.14



WATCH: This ‘Negrita’ Documentary Trailer Will Move You! by Priscilla Rodriguez on 06.05.14


‘Negrita’ Documentary: Empowering a Community by Sharing the Stories of Afro-Latinas by Nicole Akoukou Thompson on 05.27.14


NEGRITA: ser Afrolatina en Estado Unidos by afrofemina on 05.13.14


LatinoBuzz: You Don’t Look Latina! Celebrating Afro-Latina Documentarians for Black History Month  by Vanessa Erazo on 02.20.13


Preview ‘Negrita’ (Documentary on Afro Latina Identity in the U.S.)  by Jasmin Tiggett on 09.10.12