Who We Are

MAGDALENA ALBIZU, Writer, Director and Producer

As one of the founders of Mezcla Media Market, Magdalena Albizu created the Long Island Latino International Film Festival (LILIFF) in 2004.

Magdalena began working in production in 2005 on various sets of independent films , such as So In Love, Love Me Through It, The Great Divide, and Willets Point.  Her TV projects include: 2006 MTV Music Awards, I am Legend, Memphis on the Big Screen, 50 Cent’s Power and Money and PBS.  As a SpikeTV freelancer, she has worked on:  All Access Weekly, Madden 2011 Battlefield, Spare Time, Playbook and Weekend Pre-Game.  Magdalena is the former President of the New York Chapter of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP).

Born and raised in Long Island, NY to Dominican parents,  Magdalena received her BA in Sociology from the University of Florida and her MA in Social Work from Adelphi University.



DONAVAN LAMBERT, Director of Photography

Born in Puerto Cortes, Honduras to Honduran and Jamaican parents, Donavan Lambert is a director, producer, photographer and cinematographer.

Since 1992, Donavan has worked on projects ranging from music videos, commercials, MTV and BET promos, feature films, such as Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and Spike Lee’s Summer of Sam as well as documentaries for TV ONE and the ASPIRE Network.

He is currently working on Beverly Bond’s Black Girls Rock, the Kennedy Center Educational Series and Magdalena Albizu’s NEGRITA.

4 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. I am so proud to see you do this film. I have a wife who is a NY Rican and has told me the same stories. Here in San Francisco we watch but itz not bad she says here. You have more unity in other areas of the country she stated.
    May God Bless you all and keep your dream alive.
    John McCartney
    West Coast Black TV Network
    Global Entertainment Exchange-G.E.E.
    4 STAR MEDIA GROUP- http://www.uptempo.tv

  2. My husband found this site and advised me of it. FINALLY someone will be telling our story. I grew up in NY from Puerto Rican parents. My mom was dark, my dad was black. Way too often when growing up in the projects, I was too Latina for the Black kids and too Black for the Latino & White kids. Even today when I speak Spanish to someone Spanish, they ask me how I know how to speak Spanish. Not even acknowledging even for a minute that I too are Latino. Great Job Ladies, thank you for letting the world know just how rich and beautiful Latina’s of all shades are!

  3. Correction…..My Mom was a dark and my Dad was white. Both were born in Puerto Rico.

  4. This is a great movement and one long over due. Thank you for bringing awareness to who we as Afro-Latinos/Hispanics and for celebrating this history and lineage so many want to deny. I hope and pray that this documentary, not only be given the resources to be completed, but that it cause a huge ripple effect in the awakening of our people. 🙂

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