Prime Latino Media Salon HOLIDAY PARTY

“celebrating connections & some of the richest industry interviews conducted with talented NY Latino multimedia-makers and actors in 2012”

Wednesday, December 12

Casa Mezcal, 86 Orchard St

6:30 PM- 10:00 PM             


 Networking & Cash Bar


Meet Bienvenida “Beni” Matias, Acting Executive Director, National Association of Latino Independent Producers and fellow filmmakers/ producers/ actors as we celebrate the 2012 HOLIDAY SEASON!  


2012 celebrated the “Year of the Latina” showcasing stellar Latinas behind or in front of the camera as well as Latinos who presented Latinas in positive and affirming roles.

A look back at PRIME LATINO MEDIA Salon’s 2012 Interviews:

  • Tatiana Suarez-Pico
  • Cynthia Lopez
  • Lillian Jimenez
  • Fernanda Rossi
  • Joseph La Morte
  • Manolo Celi
  • Adrian Manzano
  • Angel Luis Lara
  • Elsie Stark
  • Cristina Ibarra
  • Ben DeJesus
  • Rosie Berrido
  • Kisha Tikina Burgos
  • Arí Maniel Cruz
  • Zoé Salicrup Junco
  • Magdalena Albizu
  • J.W. Cortes
  • Hugo Perez
  • Betty Bastidas
  • Elizabeth Gardner
  • Elaine Del Valle
  • Carmen Oquendo-Villar
  • Mauricio Alexander

Prime Latino Media Salon HOLIDAY PARTY